Fashionable Posthouse Racing in China-Expanding Rapidly; Opening up the “Chakras” of Modern “Silk Road”
In ancient China, people called the way to the western regions “The Silk Road”. And the place where people to have a rest on this way named “posthouse”. By the 21st century, China's economy has developed rapidly, a large number of business hotels emerge at this historic moment. FX Hotels Group (F-富驿(2724)) is proud to lay claim as the first stylish business hotel-chain in China with its operation philosophy “smart stylish @ comfort”. Since its founding in 2002, FX Hotels Group (“FX”) is continued to expand its business hotels & resorts in Asia. We appreciate that Mr. Houzunzhong, president of FX Hotels Group, took time out from his busy schedule to share his management philosophy, FX brand value and his spiritual journey over the 20 years, with us.
Call delivery points
Call delivery points [2012-03-19]